Local:What Feels Like Home

img_9880Jen H at WordPress has created the weekly Photo Challenge: Local.

What feels familiar, home. The places you know by heart. Local diner, local playground, local neighborhood, local church,local streets-I live in the city by a park.

I notice I shoot a lot of local coffee, too.

Here’s my iPhone local gallery.  Pittsburgh.




What G-20 Attendees will see upon arrival–

You drive out of the tunnel, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, fivefourthreetwo, ONE– PITTSBURGH!  The cityscape welcomes you.  Dramatic entrance after the darkness.  The day you get back it is blue sky! The bridge almost gold. Your camera’s right there on the passenger seat.  This is what you see. rutheh.wordpress.com

What G-20 attendees will see first upon arrival
What G-20 attendees will see first upon arrival