The Return of the Quilted Mug Rug

Five years ago I received unexpected mail from quilter Colleen. Today I found it in my cloth napkin basket and pulled it out to set my hot lemonade and honey mug on top. Feeling festive! Added a couple of Nurnberger Lebkuchen. A hot drink helps when the temperature drops to single digits.

Thanks Colleen.



11 thoughts on “The Return of the Quilted Mug Rug

  1. What a beautiful gift.
    Our current temps are double digits, but the ones below zero. We are definitely drinking a lot of hot beverages!

  2. Funny the things we bring out for the holidays. For you, it’s this cute little mug rug. Me? I bring out some toy dear that Mom used to decorate her lamp tables. They’re not necessarily my “style” but they carry a lot of weight and it wouldn’t seem like Christmas without them under a lamp. 🙂

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