Two Tangy Lemon Bars

It’s buttery crumbly shortbread on the bottom layer and a tangy sour sweet lemon curd- like top. I love lemons.

I met a friend for breakfast and she brought me these two delicious lemon bars. She knows they’re a favorite of mine. They were leftover from her book group gathering.

It’s the kind of taste that makes a mouth water. I opened the foil package and took this quick shot on my car’s console before I pulled out of the diner parking lot.

I nibbled at the first, my mouth watering with pleasure and then eyed that second bar. I managed restraint, wrapped it up in the wrinkled foil and put it out of reach, avoiding the temptation to make it disappear.

Steve certainly enjoyed it at lunch, unaware how vulnerable it had been to my midwinter gluttony.

My mother always said “it’s better to have a hankering for more, than to regret you had too much.”

Here’s a Lemon Bar recipe I found online, a woman says they’re the best. The 50 year old recipe from Wisconsin.

16 thoughts on “Two Tangy Lemon Bars

  1. There is nothing better than a lemon bar and a cup of tea. Thanks for the recipe … I’ll try it this week. JB

  2. Yum! My mouth is watering! One of my favorites also. Two of my sisters make delicious lemon squares. I always request them when we get together for dinners.

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  4. I love lemon-almost-everything too. Such a refreshing flavour! Love your mom’s saying. It is almost the opposite of my photo philosophy – better to capture one more image than might be necessary than to regret later that I hadn’t done so.
    but in terms of food, your mother’s words rock. thanks for sharing.

  5. These look so tasty. You have great self control to stop and save some for Steve. Your mom’s advice is so true. It warrants a place on the inside of our kitchen cupboard door where we put daily reminders. It will help us with our Lenten observations looming on the horizon. Remembering it will be easy. Sticking to it will be another story. Got to love moms and good friends like yours.

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