Joanne Baked Her Fruitcake Cookies Today

Fruitcake Part 2

Tuesday’s post was Joanne’s Fruitcake recipe and a photo of a few ingredients. i asked people if they were fruitcake fans.

Monday night I’d texted Joanne, asked if she had a photo of her fruitcake cookies I could include in the post. She responded after I went to bed and said if I’d wait a day she bake them.

I woke up this morning, saw her response and here are her photos. Thank you, Joanne.

Joanne’s been baking this recipe since the 80’s

10 thoughts on “Joanne Baked Her Fruitcake Cookies Today

  1. I think fruitcake gets a bum wrap! Even people who have never tried it, dismiss it. But I think these cookies fill the bill because you get all the delicious tastes of fruitcake without the denseness of the cake.

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