Split-Second Cookies Recipe

Here’s the recipe I used to bake Split-Second Cookies. They are like a shortbread filled with jam.

I creamed the butter and sugar by hand.

Added egg and vanilla.

The combined dry ingredients.

I usually fill them with raspberry and apricot Bonne Maman jam. I was fortunate to receive some delicious marmalade and jam from two different friends.

I used Eileen’s Orange Marmalade and Pam’s Blubarb in addition to the raspberry and apricot.

Eileen’s Marmalade and Pam’s Blubarb Jam
Took a plateful to a friend for her birthday

20 thoughts on “Split-Second Cookies Recipe

  1. Oh Ruth, I remember having these at your home! So delicious! I’ve forewarded to
    several friends already. XOXOX

    • Cause that’s all the time it takes to make them, they’re so easy and one pan to bake them slice.

  2. I can’t wait to try this recipe. I have several gift jars of jam to experiment with this week.

  3. Love this recipe, my husband talks about his grandmother making these when he was a kid. Definitely going to make these. Ruth thank you for sharing.

  4. Just made these cookies yesterday and want to tell you they are soft, buttery and delicious!!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe Ruth.

  5. Hi there! I’m new to this whole blogging community thing! I saw these cookies and followed immediately! They look delicious. I can’t wait to test them out on my daughter! 😁

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