Chocolate and Vanilla Twist

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

I credit my daughter Laura with the idea of the twist cone for the weekly challenge.

I credit Steve with taking me to the Twisters Ice Cream on Main Street in Bloomfield, a little hole in the wall place with service at the window- only! As he waited in the car, I got out to order.

I credit the woman who made the medium size twist cone for me, who was gracious to hold  it while I took an iPhone photo of it along with the logo on her T-shirt.  I told her the word of the week was TWISTED.

And I give much credit to the few people who had to be patient to order their cones, splits and shakes, who waited while I took a few extra seconds to take my shot,

Eight years ago I photographed Twisters Ice Cream store at night and blogged it


Twisters Ice Cream at Night in the City

Coming off the Bloomfield Bridge I took a left to avoid the potholes and discovered Twisters Ice Cream. The dangling cones?  Whoa. Drove around the block.  Haven’t sampled their advertised soft or hard ice cream click on their name for a link to a map and review.

Twisters Ice Cream on Main Street
No parking on Main Street in Bloomfield, so shot from the driver's seat