Health Conscious Eaters Don’t Look Today

Second of a series.  Beanie Weenies  was (were?) the first.

Comfort food as the days get shorter and the temp outside dipped down to 12.

Our systems are still adjusting to the cold and urge to crawl into a cave and hibernate.

My kitchen back door window looked like this after I made a cup of tea.

steamy window

so I boiled some noodles

noodles boiling on stove

Buttered a retro baking dish I bought at a thrift shop in Wisconsin one summer

Magic Bars Dish

I crumbled some saltines and cut in some butter and put the mixture to the side

crackers and butter

and then I opened some cans

cream of mushroom and tuna

Yes, a new low point in the culinary department around here.

Tuna Noodle Casserole coming up!  Comfort food series part two.

Freshly ground pepper will give it some zip!

freshly ground pepper

BTW, you just mix the drained noodles into the soup  mixture combined with an almost- can of milk oh and add the tuna.

Here it is baking in the oven.

Tuna Noodle Casserole in oven

Thanks to Steve there was a head of ICEBERG lettuce.  Oil and vinegar just didn’t fit

Found an almost empty jar of mayo and added some ketchup and chopped up bread and butter pickles and served  a slug of lettuce on a glass plate, topped with dressing.

Fake Russian Dressing

Iceberg and 100o Island

The casserole browned nicely.


I miss you Mom.

10 thoughts on “Health Conscious Eaters Don’t Look Today

  1. Dear Ruth, it looks yummy, I have never made a tuna fish casserole… We are in Seillans, a medieval village in the hills behind Cannes one of five others… It’s quiet, sunny most days and chilly. Today I made a chicken curry, freeze, chicken soup with rice and vegetables,eat for my cold. And I have a Pot au feu bubbling away on the stove…allready made coq au vin, freeze..all getting ready for onslaught of family from Geneva and London and our first real Xmas with our Grandson Harry Merry Xmas to you and Steve Sandra and David

  2. Oh honey…. No matter how old we get, we will always want our parents to hug and hold us from time to time. While I know it’s not the same, here’s a virtual hug to you. *squeeze*

  3. This is one of my favorite Winter treats. Yes, I call this casserole a treat, I love it so. Best of all, your recipe is surprisingly simple, just like every really good tuna noodle casserole that I’ve ever tried.
    By the way, about the only way this post’s title could be bested for drawing people to your site is if it read,”Train Wreck photos. Look Away! “

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