Weathered Gallery

Krista Stevens at WordPress challenged bloggers to show the effects of time and the elements in a post – weatheredimg_8034

Okanogan WA

Berlin Germany


New York City Playground



Near Roanoke VA


Berlin Germany


Gainesville FL

snow covered car

Columbus OH

Millvale PA


Pittsburgh PA

Penn Avenue Pittsburgh PA

Children’s Museum Pittsburgh 


Lawrenceville PA

Zagreb Croatia



Near Okanogan WA

Mallott WA

38 thoughts on “Weathered Gallery

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  2. You certainly met this chalkenge. These photos are perfect..The various locations add to the mystique. The rusting chair, the old garage and the car graveyard especially pique my interest. I Ilike to imagine the people and activites related to each. It was not so long ago that these items were newer and being used daily. Of course the Mary statue reminds us that we will be okay. We can use a reminder at times. Thank you for adding it to your collection.

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  4. really enjoyed the international pics – and I slowed down my scroll to see if I could match the place with the pic. very nice job with weathered.
    some of the pics really tugged – like the NYC playground and the little silhouette kiss above the concrete

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