Autumn Leaf Delight at the Playground

Laura and Charlie enjoying the crunch of the leaves at the playground this morning.

I tried to be an observer, not a participant. Watched them play together.  Just kept shooting, trying to be unobtrusive.

Kept my distance and sorry I  didn’t have a zoom lens.

It was a happy time.  A joy to watch Charlie have fun in the leaves.

The bear hat doesn’t quite fit right but old grandma will knit another one.

Big slide, the swings, finding a shadow, mommy hide behind the tree trunk, throw the leaves, kick the leaves, stomp and crunch pick up a big stick.

No shortage of games and activities.



He was trying to master the balance beam, figure it out.  Too hard but the fact he was trying was something to watch.





One direct smile at old Froo Froo Ruthie.




Yes he knew I was there!  Hard not to notice that sock monkey who sits on the 24-70 lens.

img_2557Back to the car.  Good bye playground.  See you soon.

Aunt Lala Pushes All 3 Swings, Anna Moves the Pink Flamingoes and S’mores-on-a-Stick*

Aunt Lala took turns pushing her niece and nephews on the backyard swingset.  The kids didn’t want her to stop.  You should have heard them squeal.  Anna was moving the two pink flamingoes that Pap purchased and installed in the back garden. She said,”They’ll look better over here.”


*Laura found the  recipe for the S’mores-on-a-Stick through a blog she reads so check it out. She and Anna made them together and put them in the fridge during dinner.  La brought white lollipop sticks to hold the s’mores.  The kids devoured them! Fun to eat.