Greens and Beans at Cucina Vitale

The perfect beginning to a lovely birthday dinner.

Greens and beans. “Escarole, Northern Beans, Garlic, Shallots, White Wine, & Parmesan”

My friend V and I shared this delicious appetizer.  You might have seen it from our last visit to this restaurant on the Southside, Cucina Vitale. Know it’s cash only, BYOB and reservations are necessary for dinner.

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Greek to Me

Eighth letter of the Greek alphabet or the “representation of the angular position of a vector” in math.


Tonight Steve suggested we eat at Penn Brewery as it’s my sister’s last night in Pittsburgh.

The appetizer order of onion rings revealed this symbol.

City view from our table.

Foot High Tower of Onion Rings

The  last couple of days has been lovely eggplants and inviting mangoes still-lifes.  Time to shake things up.  Cowgirl Restaurant offers a FOOT high tower of onion rings on their menu.  Mary suggested it for a starter. The party of 5 at the adjoining table ordered one, too.  The tower is reminiscent of the kids’ game Ring Toss or those stacking towers of graduated size doughnut rings on the white base. When it’s brought to the table, other diners can’t help but stare and there’s an audible response as they watch it served.  There are healthier choices available- corn chips and blackeyed peas salsa or the “made fresh twice daily” guacamole with onions, garlic, cilantro and lime juice. Someone had a birthday celebration and you should have heard the giant triangle being stuck repeatedly to get everyone to sing.  No room for dessert- no peach blueberry cobbler , no lemon meringue pie  but one of their specialties is

Cowgirl’s Original Ice Cream Baked Potato 
vanilla ice cream shaped like a big ol’ spud, dusted in cocoa and topped
with loads of hot fudge, chopped pecans, whipped cream and a little pat of butter (frosting.)