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Bronze Elevator Doors in the City County Building, Pittsburgh PA

Sometimes you see something on the fly-  take a quick picture and later you think, oh,

I should have taken a little more time, shot more views or gotten better photographs as you review what you captured.

I left these  photos the way I took them-  a bit crooked, a partial door- as a reminder to take my time and get the detail, watch the angle,

*note to self- take a few more pictures when you see something magnificent, unusual and interesting.  Take the entire door in the frame!

When we hung the art show at the City County Building downtown Pittsburgh, we were getting into the elevators and I took a couple of photographs of the bronze elevator doors.  You almost felt like you were in Florence.

 Henry Hornbostel was the architect of the building (and about fifty other building that are still in the city) but I couldn’t find who designed and sculptured/cast the elevator doors specifically.  They were amazing to see. Figures with earlier government buildings in hand.  Definitely need to get to the Carnegie Library for some detailed research but just look at the doors and think about how they don’t make buildings like this anymore. There’s a lot of history in the story of the doors that I don’t have at hand.  Details later.

Brass vs. Bronze the difference in the two metals information here



Elevators sign

elevator doors




detail of elevator door






detail elevator door

City County Building Hosts Pittsburgh Carrick High School Art Show

Update:  5-13-13   

Just added this gorgeous  panorama photographed by Instructional Team Leader for the Fine Arts Department -Michael Dean.

Panorama Pittsburgh Carrick Art Show



The Pittsburgh Carrick High School student Art Show is hung and waiting for the Monday opening reception at 5:30.
Anyone who works in this magnificent building will get a sneak peek during the day. There were ten of us working most of the day Saturday to hang the art and place the tags by each piece.
Awards ceremony is Monday evening at 6:30 PM. Sponsored by CITIPARKS!

How about those Tiffany columns? The marble, the windows, the painted ceiling? And all the student artwork? Wow!

I can’t wait for the students to see their artwork on display in such a wonderful setting.


There will be refreshments at the reception.


Everything looks great!


You have to see it in person to get the full experience.



If you are in the city, please come see the amazing student artwork.
(Parking downtown gets cheap after 5)

Remembering our mothers every day of the year



Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

There’ve been a lot of directions in the challenges.

Up, down. Round. Forward. No inside out. Yet

this week it’s FROM ABOVE.  

I stand over garbage, see a lone glove on the road-

take a shot.  A single baby shoe in the gutter.

Weddings from a church balcony, the mezzanine.

Not often, though.  Directly above is rare, more likely above from an angled side.

Have they done sideways?  I like that movie.

Here’s my From Above Gallery, though not celestial.

At the wedding reception

Laura and James at Marjorie and Dan’s Wedding Reception.  Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland.



Seventh (Andy Warhol) and Ninth Street Bridges taken from the Renaissance Hotel.  



At the Met in NYC

Metropolitan Museum of Art




Shadows at School Entrance

Shadows at the entrance of school

Angie and John's Wedding

John and Angie’s Wedding




Franklin Conservatory Ceramic Tile

Franklin Park Conservatory Columbus OH





Anna, Baby Jack and Michael  March 2007



Roberto Clemente Bridge



Roberto Clemente Bridge and PNC Park from the Renaissance Hotel


Last Year's Rose



Last Year’s Rose


French fries

French Fries on Carson Street




Porsche Engine


Porsche Engine








Batteries from a week in digital photo class.


Dunkin Donut apron in the school parking lot.

Dunkin Donut Apron in the Parking Lot

























Woke Up, It Was a Foggy Morning

In The Early Morning Fog

In The Early Morning Fog

My sister and I were on the phone and she  had just asked me about my seeing things to photograph and am I always on the lookout for a good photo and I said I think I take fewer pictures now, that I am not obsessing about getting a decent shot blah blah blah and THEN-

And when I got to the red light at the end of the Liberty Bridge  before the tunnel, I saw the fog enveloping the PPG building except for the pointy towers peeking through.

I opened the back window and took a quick shot.

On the way to school the next day I didn’t get a red light so no photo.

Day three!  A red light and another quick pick of the city without the fog.

Normal Day View PPG

Pyramid of LED Lights on the Gulf Tower, Change with the Weather

Dear Blog Readers,  

Thank you for the thoughtful expressions of sympathy, your comments and emails yesterday, on the passing of Murphy the Airedale.  

It means a lot to the whole family to read such an outpouring of love, care and concern.  Your words offer comfort and understanding.   xxoo Ruth


For years the Gulf Tower Building ( built in 1930) had a beacon that displayed the weather- red lights for fair  or blue lights for precipitation

Now The Gulf Tower has a fancy installation of programmed LED lights that change with the holidays, sporting events and  special occasions but still tell the weather at five minutes before the hour. The combination of lights can produce any color.

Designed by Cindy Limauro,  professor of lighting design at Carnegie Mellon University and husband, Christopher Popowich, partners in C&C Lighting LLC.

Read more: at the Post Gazette article with a chart telling how to”read” the lights.

From the Train Station

This  photo was taken  from my car window while waiting or my sister to buy her train ticket back to NYC at the AMTRAK station downtown.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


Have you ever tried to?

Change your mind about something or someone?

Change-the  only constant of our lives.

Oh, you changed your hair.

“You’ve got to change, baby”

Change trains.

I have a friend who can change the subject on a dime.

Many people don’t enjoy change.

I can change a diaper. Four quarters for a buck.  Switch directions in the car when necessary.  Change lanes.

But change?

Really truly change.   Change my ways.  Change my habits.  Change my thinking?

Lots of people are worrying about Climate Change.

Subtle change, drastic change.

Here are some suggested change illustrations-

Hot Dog Vendor checks his supply of change.

Architecture changes over time.

The window dresser changes the window.

Waiting for the red light to change.

And you can always count on the weather to change,

the seasons to change-

although sometimes the pace is agonizingly slow.


Thanks to everyone who sent good words for the milestone 1300th post.  Now what?  Can’t change it up now, so here’s  #1301.














This is a sad change- what it looked like about 7 years agoLunchbox New York City

The Lunchbox


















On the way into school Friday morning.  Steeler umbrella, daffodils, new green grass and a Spring rain NOT snow! A change for the better.



Longaberger Baskets Home Office Guest Blog

Laura drove past the home office of        longaberger  ( click for building specs)
Longaberger Baskets in Newark Ohio
Thanks for the shot today Laura! (taken March 25th )

I have to go there one of these days soon.

This basket shaped building was listed in the book of Ohio Oddities and you can tour the building but if you have a large group,call first.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

This week’s challenge is just that- a challenge. How could I capture the future in a photograph NOW?

I’m going with this portion of the challenge…..Anything that involves the present and a hint of the future all in one frame.” 

Freedom Tower,  New York City.  Under construction. 1 World Trade Center.   We walked farther downtown and the gusts of wind went up to 35 mph according to the weather.  Sunshine and chill.

Daytime view and nighttime view of Freedom Tower.

And when I looked at the shot I took from my sister’s apartment window, I saw a stream of light come down from the clouds.

















Freedom Tower





Freedom Tower from the Village




Freedom Tower Night View






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Night on Bryant Street- Italian(2), Belgium, Japanese, Thai, a PayPhone, the Laundromat, a Market and a Bus

Monday night when we drove  through the neighborhood in the rain, none of the restaurants were open except for Smiling Banana Leaf. (Thai).

Joseph Tambellini’s is the first exterior I photographed and you should taste the delicious meatballs.


Studio 35- Oldest Independent Cinema & Drafthouse, Hosts Free Oscars Event in Clintonville








On my way to Laura and James’ house, I saw this cool theatre, Studio 35,  and read the marquee.  Pulled over to the curb and got out the camera.  Thought it sounded like a fun evening.  Took the shot from the car and the day was a gray one.

This theatre looks l like the ones I knew growing up.  No theatre in Pittsburgh serves beer as far as I know.

My DIL was teasing about my getting home to watch the Oscars Sunday night, live stream on a computer as I have no TV that gets any channels. It is always fun to see the best and worst dressed though.  A lot of hype in the media.  But this image evokes nostalgia for me.  One of these visits to Columbus I am going to have to go watch a movie here.


Got Bridges?

Just a few.  Here are some  bridges that cross the Allegheny River.   Since I showed the one closed yesterday, it seemed to make sense to post a shot of more bridges.

If you want to read about Pittsburgh Bridges,  click here .

 Taken from Mount Washington, Duquesne Incline observation deck just last week.

And the Tenth Street Bridge in the Tom Cruise movie (Jack Reacher) isn’t in this shot but here 

Pittsburgh Bridges in Winter

Last Sliver of Sun

Before I drove up the mountain, I went to one of my favorite spots on West Carson Street.  This is what made me decide to head up to Mt. Washington to catch the incline in the snow as the sun set.


city skyline

Incline in the Snow

I returned to the Duquesne Incline platform on Monday evening as I arrived from Ohio.  Not quite as much snow as I thought there would be.

Taken just as the sun sank in the sky and the temperatures dropped.  Will try again, a different winter day.

Couldn’t wait any longer to shoot when the sky was darker as it was too windy and cold.  You might have liked the night time version better.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond







Beyond repair.


Beyond belief.


Beyond reasonable doubt.


Beyond recognition.


Beyond comprehension.


Beyond the fence.


Beyond the horizon.


Beyond the trees.


Faith in the Great Beyond.


Beyond that?


Beyond me.

City beyond





Public Housing





Suburban morning view










urban madonna bloomfield





west end bridge




Beyond the trees






City Rooftop Night View





Thank Kathryn for sharing your hotel room view.  I love the night sky and lights.  IMG_3321

Roberto Clemente Bridge at Night

Roberto Clemente Bridge from a different angle. High up! What a view.

Photographed from the lovely Renaissance Hotel’s fourteenth floor – my fellow blogger’s room.  The Allegheny River looked pretty chilly.

If you follow me you know how I enjoy working on my night photography.  Love all the lights’ reflections, especially in the water.  Too bad it wasn’t baseball season as we could have watched the game from her room!

I was telling Kathryn about how the bridge is closed when there are Pirates Games and you can walk across to PNC Park.  Thanks for inviting me up to see the city at night.  What fun. I think I need to book a corner room with a river view and just take photographs at different times of day.


Roberto Clemente Bridge 008

Incline Operator

Meet Chuck Wise.  He says his job has its “ups and downs.”  You can find him on youtube he told me!    Thanks for the tour, Chuck.  I was showing fellow blogger Vastly Curious around the Burgh Wednesday night, all the fine sights (  the city view on Grandview Avenue in Mount Washington)

Brrrr it was windy out on the platform.

Churck Wise (like the potato chip he reminded me so I’d spell his name right) has been operating the incline for about 15 years, just as his Great Grandfather did.

He graciously allowed me to photograph and blog him.. Thanks Chuck.

Chuck Wise in door 003

Opened to Public: May 20, 1877
Cost to Build: $47,000
Length of Track: 794 feet
Elevation: 400 feet
Grade: 30.5 degrees
Speed: 6 miles per hour
Passenger: Capacity 18 per car
Chuck Wise on Controls 002
Incline 007
Incline 004
Incline 006

Madison and 57th, Looking West

A week of bright shining stars.

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination inspired me to post twice and then I received these photos in my email.

I love it when my friends, family and followers respond with a photograph.

My college friend/ artist/ photographer Joyce Grasso sent this to me.  I wrote back and she graciously consented to be guest blogger. 

Shot through a car window with a cell phone.  Last Spring my sister and I met Joyce at MOMA and toured the Cindy Sherman exhibit.

Thanks for sharing your illumination capture of the star in New York City, Joyce!






photo 3






Star NYC


Downtown Alley



The illumination challenge could have kept me going for the rest of the year.  I shoot a lot of photos in the dark with lights!  When you look at your body of work ( or parts of it) you notice different things and details on different days.

When I was sifting through files, I found this city alley downtown and just liked the perspective, the people, the shapes and lines. Although it was captured in another season, the thermometer went up to 69 degrees ( I saw it lit up on a sign!) and for the second week of January it feels odd.

I think I need to return downtown and shoot some more alley views.

downtown alley

Laundry on Line in Croatia

July 2008 From the Archives

July 2008 From the Archives

Croatian Church Sign






City Rooftop Horsey

I’m sure there’s a great story behind the placement of this molded plastic creature, dangling from a wire frame atop a building!

You might remember, depending on how long you have been following the blog, that my friend Sally said that things come in threes.

And the day before that there was the horse of a different color. The post the day before that one was The Old Gray Mare (or stallion).

There was the steed left by a cowboy in an Arlington neighborhood alley, just like the one Chicago John rode as a kid.

And here is the latest one I caught yesterday as I sat in traffic in East Liberty and happened to see it up on the roof.

“Found” rocking horses or rocking horse heads in the city are a theme without my even realizing.  Maybe someone is going around the city and placing them for me to find!

horsey rooftop full sie

horsey rooftop

Here are the aforementioned horse sightings in the city cause let’s face it- who has time to return to old blogposts?





The Drink Milk Barn on the PA Turnpike

Shot November 24, 2011 on the way to Roanoke VA.


Autumn Postcard from Guernsey County Seat – Cambridge Ohio

I’ve been told some of my photographs look like postcards.  I don’t think that is a good thing when they tell me but I don’t mind.  I like postcards.

Another view from the National Road- along Route 40.  Have you ever seen a Cambridge Glass Turkey?


Cambridge is best known for  Cambridge Glass 

and the museum     The National Museum of Cambridge Glass is located on 9th Street in Cambridge, Ohio.
Open April thru December
Wednesday – Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday: Noon – 4:00 pm
Closed Easter & July 4th
Additional appointments or tour groups by appointment.


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