When your neighbor brings you baguette…

You eat a slice at dinner time. Buttered.

The next morning you need to soak the crusty thick slices in a mixture of eggs and milk, a dash of vanilla. 

Melt butter and a bit of olive oil in a big skillet.

Golden brown French Toast is the goal, not burned. 

Real maple syrup. A mug of coffee. 

Starting the day right.  Thanks J & P for the tasty baguette. 


Leftover Brioche? French Toast- 3 images

Talking to my sister(NYC) Sunday morning I asked her the best way to warm the brioche from Saturday. She responded French Toast!  and so while we talked on speakerphone I made it and it was so good.  Had never made it out of brioche before although have seen it on a menu. Soak.  Saute in heavy pan with a bit of butter and oil.  Eat with  warmed maple syrup or jam.

Slice and soak in egg and milk mixture.