Delicious Lunch at The Vandal Lawrenceville

Guess it’s finally a Six Word Saturday for me

Delicious lunch at The Vandal  Lawrenceville

Yep, 6.


Fresh mint lemonade. Greens on the side, fried chicken, chili honey,  topped with carrot slaw on a brioche roll.

Sunday’s Second Collection

Down by the Ohio River.

An eclectic gallery. The back of a big stop sign.

The Byzantine Church from McKees Rocks Bottoms, too, where the bells were ringing Sunday.

A stop at La Gourmandine Bakery on Butler Street for a brioche.

trailer in the woods

A little camper for a weekend getaway

school bus

Good thing they have an alarm system

air conditioned trailer

Hey, the place has AC




Church Bells were ringing in the tower

Steeler Fan Sign

A home filled with disappointment Sunday afternoon. I wonder if they have to water the shakers.


and a line out the front door, everyone getting their French baked goods on Butler Street in Lawrenceville

Stopped at the Car Wash on the way home

car wash

Leftover Brioche? French Toast- 3 images

Talking to my sister(NYC) Sunday morning I asked her the best way to warm the brioche from Saturday. She responded French Toast!  and so while we talked on speakerphone I made it and it was so good.  Had never made it out of brioche before although have seen it on a menu. Soak.  Saute in heavy pan with a bit of butter and oil.  Eat with  warmed maple syrup or jam.

Slice and soak in egg and milk mixture.