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Harvest Gold, Burnt Orange, Avocado Green

These colors speak of an era. You find them together. Appliances used to be Avocado Green and Harvest Gold. Not sure about the Burnt Orange.

Greyhound Bus Stop Ohio Exit #178 at the BP station.  from the Archives. Check out the filing cabinetswith the same colors. 

A place to wait.
Puddles in the seats.
A phone booth.
Taken in 2011.
Evokes another time.

Across the Street from Ground Zero

From the archives.The weather in New York City was beautiful on Thursday, my sister said. You probably saw it on the news. But here are three people watching construction of the new tower during a rainstorm. The last photo a panorama taken with an iPhone.

100 Year Old Tree Stump Chewed to Mulch

The sycamore’s stump was ground up into mulch yesterday. I saw the equipment in the street but when I got my camera it had pulled away.   Even the pile of mulch has been removed as of today.  As Beth says it’s the cycle of life.  The follow up to I Used to Live on a Tree-Lined Street post.

An abundance of green. Lots of rainy days lately.

Bicycle on Balcony; City Scene

Europe,oui? Nah. Pittsburgh!

Remember When a Television Was Furniture?

South Side, 27th Street, on my way to Tess’s.  Taken with the iPhone camera.  That’s me in the reflection.  This is one HUGE television, waiting for pickup.  Now everything these days is flat screen or wall mount, giant and loud but thin.  People have entertainment centers and places to house a tv but they are not connected as a single unit.  Different finishes.  This one could qualify as “Colonial” or “Traditional”???

Not sure when this style
stopped being popular
and I’m sure there are plenty of these
fully functional in homes today.
Just reflecting on what I find on the sidewalk.
Wondering what shows were watched.

Architectural Mix at Doughboy Square

From the archives last September.  Bike Pittsburgh is in the Art Deco looking  building.  Wilson’s BBQ is empty.

Platter of Asparagus

Favorite Spring vegetable. Next I’ll be thinking about rhubarb.



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