Retro Macrame Pot Hanger Materials

This vintage book of directions for making Macrame Plant Hangers or rather Macrame Pot Hangers and this huge twine were in the donations my friend Donna gave to my art teacher friend Bob.

In the seventies, I never used such a thick rope but instead a thinner white cord and some wooden beads.

Macrame belts were holding up lots of bell bottom jeans when I was in college.

Do you or have you ever done macrame?

Handkerchief Use is an Art

Handkerchief use is an art, but not a lost one, thanks to Lisa Goad who takes handkerchief art to a new level. Custom orders are her specialty.

We found the Maplewoodstock Music Festival in Memorial Park happening on Saturday when we got off at the train station on our way to lunch with longtime friends.

The Hanky Shoppe booth caught my eye, and made me nostalgic for handkerchief users I’ve known and loved in my life. I’ve quite a few hankies in my possession but haven’t been carrying one around with me lately.

Now I have a new beautifully machine embroidered one created by artist and master sewer and plan to add to my collection

Thank you, Lisa.

Here’s Lisa and her husband Matt, whose traditional handkerchief use and second wedding anniversary gift (cotton) of monogrammed handkerchiefs from Lisa inspired the start of The Hanky Shoppe.

An elegant hummingbird embroidered on a brand new cotton lace edged handkerchief.

Upcycled Jean Jackets are popular -different designs Marilyn, Mermaids and Peacocks to name a few

Chippy helps out at The Hanky Shoppe 
Fancy Mermaid zippered purses in a variety of sizes 

The 16th Maplewoodstock Music Festival

Maplewood New Jersey Train Station

The Maplewood Train Station

Today’s Post is #3603 and marks

the start of year eleven of blogging

Interesting Finds at the Handmade Arcade


Dear Blog Followers/Readers

Thanks to all who have responded on the positioning of the photos when they view the blog.  It has been beyond annoying and frustrating, especially for those who get the photos sideways. 

Today I spent time rotating and saving and resizing the photos which were shot vertically.  If they are on their side, I hope you will inform me right away so I can go back to the drawing board.  When I look at them they look correct but not for all receiving them.  

I heard from a woman I photographed last week about the auto rotation of photos on various programs.  Here is the link to that information

I knew nothing about Exif Data    

Still working on the solution to proper orientation of photos no matter who views it on ALL devices. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post of the day-   

Handmade Arcade at  Pittsburgh’s David Lawrence Convention Center, Saturday afternoon.

This is Douglas of My Vinyl Resting Place  holding a vinyl record now shaped as a bowl

Deanna of Cleveland Street Glass

When I asked her how she got into this business she said she moved to Cleveland and in just a week her car was broken into.

Mr. Wise co-owner of Second Season packages a pair of Repurposed Redesigned Upcycled mittens made from used sweaters