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Bras Across the Bridge

Sponsored by American Eagle. After Breast Cancer Awareness Month the bras will be laundered and donated to charity.   A friend spotted them and emailed me and suggested the Hot Metal Bridge display for the blog.  Of course, it was the day I did NOT bring my good camera. I took a Pano on the iPhone.

Bras Across the Bridge






Find the Bicyclist’s Headlight – North Shore Riverwalk

Riverwalk at Riverfront Park, North Shore, Allegheny River

Along the Allegheny River, across from downtown.  Riverfront Park.  I was on a field trip with a photography class I signed up for through Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild.  Next week we’re going to a greenhouse to photograph orchids.  The other class members are people I have taken classes with before so that is fun!  Wednesday night was Light Up the Night Walk for Lymphoma and Leukemia.  One walker said they raised $700,000 dollars if I heard him correctly. The walkers had red balloons with flashing lights inside which I tired to photograph but didn’t really work out.  I’ve shot this skyline angle before. But then the moment happens and the bicyclist drives by into the frame and because the shutter was open for 30 seconds you can see the trail of light.  I think it adds interest to the scene.  There were lots of people readying the area for the Tom Cruise movie they are shooting, putting tape down on the cement walk to mark the actor’s places.  Turning an office building into a hotel. There were benches and additions to the walk- a kiosk and a rental shed.

When Your Neon’s Ailing or You Need a Sign

“Who ya gonna call?”  The Neon Doctor.  They repair and buy old signs, too, or create a custom sign for you!

Stopped at a red light on a gloomy afternoon, I saw this place and shot it before the light turned green

She Calls Me MIL Sometimes, I’ve Called Her DIL

In Virginia, holding Anna who will be 8 in a week.

Married to my eldest Mark, excellent mother to Anna, Michael, Jack and Maura, taking a break from being a NICU nurse while she drives the kids to swim practice and soccer and preschool and Brownies… (And best giver of treats and hugs to Murphy the Airedale.) Today’s her birthday.  She always calls me and updates me on the family happenings, asks for a recipe I made that she liked, threatens to buy me giant gnomes for my garden and an XXL sweatshirt with a cat AND an American Flag (for my 4th of July bday) combo on the front.  She is patient, loving and generous. Incredibly accepting, too!   She is good at Thank You notes  And just last week she hosted a wonderful shower for her sister-in-law & will be Laura’s Matron-of-Honor next month.  I was going to post a pic of the little ceramic Jack-o-Lantern she made in grade school(I keep it in the china cabinet) She was throwing it out years ago and I salvaged it from the trash heap but a clay pumpkin doesn’t illustrate her goodness and loveliness. Oh yes, I almost forgot. She gets me to stop wearing my shrunken cotton long sleeve tees that seem more like crop tops- Fashion consultant with much love! She’s the one who got me started shooting weddings and is still waiting for her percentage.   HBTY!  love, Ruthie

The Towel, the Apron, the Cake, the Robe, the Afghan, the Flowers

Laura’s getting married. And it’s fall. Was it ever damp and cold today but inside a lot of warmth and love. Some of the people who attended met her when she was six years old (when we moved to Pittsburgh)

We ate Baked Orecchiette with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. Salad. Bread. Spinach pie and fresh fruit. A cake with fresh raspberries from Jean Marc in Millvale PA. Flowers from Joan’s garden. Donna D crocheted the afghan which Laura wrapped up in after she opened it. Little jars of spice from Pennzey’s for favors. Mary put them on the Lazy Susan like a wedding cake. Joanne in Omaha recommended the organza bags to hold the spice jars. It was a happy celebration with friends and family. Aunt Mary made it possible with all her hard work. Taking her to the train to NYC in the morning before school. It was a wonderful afternoon with family and friends sharing our excitement. My heart is full! The Royal Wedding Towel from Aunt Mary got a good response. The flower girls were a big help with the presents and trash, too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Sunset at Destiny Hill Farm in Washington PA. A beautiful wedding, a beautiful couple!

Sunset photos in my library are just not exciting enough. Sure there are some intense colors, some trees in silhouette, the city, and a bridge or two but I wanted sunset with something HAPPENING! And I remembered the wonderful July wedding of colleague BobbiJo and her husband Tim. Plus the bonus of the niece in the cowboy hat holding the Bride’s dress.

Uncle Frank is Seventy and a Day- By His 1955 Ford Pick-up Truck


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