Feral Cat in Catnip- Study of Greens

Yesterday’s flowering pears prompted me to go out in the backyard this evening,  see how the Redbud tree is coming along.  Maybe continue with a theme. Lots of tiny buds but not quite open.  Ginny planted the tree in memory of my parents a couple of years ago.  The tree made it through all the snow and is flourishing.  And I look over in the raggedy herb garden and see the feral cat from next door, chewing on some catnip, a perennial that returned without tending. Took a shot but too far away to be interesting.  Edged over to the backporch steps and caught the green eyes looking right at me, catnip in front. Some of you may remember a post of the cat from the snowstorm(2-16-10).

Animal Rescue League of W PA link.

One of the ones we caught and had "fixed" at Animal Rescue League. Note left ear tip to mark this fact.