CMU Crosswalk- Autumn Afternoon

When Steve drives I have so much fun taking pictures. It was magnificent light through the colored leaves, the students crossing Forbes Ave.  We were driving down Morewood and there was the sinking sun making the leaves vibrant. Too bad the windshield wasn’t clean!

Great to be the passenger
A perfect October afternoon. If only this weather could stay!

CMU Campus Lights and Shadows at Night

Waiting for Steve to pick me up in the turnaround, I saw the pattern on the concrete.  I had just viewed Waiting for Superman. I was in a good discussion group after the film.  You can read an editorial piece by Tony Norman from the Post-Gazette my friend V told me about. Lots to think about.  There wasn’t much in it that was hopeful or positive, especially when it comes to public education.  In fact , it was downright depressing to me.There are a ton of reviews at Rotten Tomatoes if you want to see the splats, too…. But getting back to the patterns of light and shadow on the sidewalk while I was waiting for Steve….

Shadow patterns on the concrete from the lights at CMU.
Looked like a good target for a spaceship landing.

Pittburgh from the Air at Night

Taken Sunday 10-10-10 Through the airplane window, flying fast. One quick shot. Can you find any recognizable landmarks? Wish I could have a “do-over”- try again.

Prepare for landing.

The Color of Bowling Balls (2 images)

Picked Michael up from a birthday party at the  Saw Mill Lanes in Columbus.  The balls were the color of Granny Smiths or Neon Orange.


Like giant Granny Smith apples


Second Cousins

Columbus OH fall weekend.  Erika’s first cousin Shannon’s daughter visiting from Pittsburgh.  Looks like we coordinated their outfits.  Maura will be 2 in a month. Find the eggplant!


1October afternoon in Columbus OH
Their mothers' mothers are sisters. Maura Clare(l) and Parker Rose (r).


Loading the 1950 BelAir, Rock Island, Illinois

Driving around with my sister, we were  looking for the Historic District and saw this scene.  BTW I am in Columbus OH not Illinois this weekend. One friend wrote and thought I was on a cross country trip and had stopped working.  The men were loading the 1950 BelAir behind the pick-up.

Watching the men load the 1950

My Friend Ellen Bakes

Usually cheesecakes but lots of other great stuff, too. And she made a tray of these chocolate cupcakes with tiny chocolate chips and cream cheese for the school meeting this afternoon.  So moist and flavorful.  Thanks Ellen.  She said take some home and I did! Three for the little cupcake stands my friend Joanne gave me.  One for Ray who came to fix the window and doors and one for Roberta who waited for him to come and for Steve who brought the lettuce home to go with the quesadillas.  I had already eaten mine at school but wished I had been piggy and brought another one home.   Thursday evening impromptu “dinner party”  with dessert by Ellen. click to see Ellen’s fridge


Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips and cream cheese
Do you remember Ellen's refrigerator with the cream cheese and beer from July 18th posting?


Mississippi Spillover and a Rowboat

Still a few views from the Quad Cities weekend.

Bettendorf Iowa
Sunday morning. A perfect fall day. The sun shone right on the red rowboat. No oars in sight.

50th Anniversary at Forbes Wall in Oakland- October 13th- 1 PM

The radio will be playing the game.  Starts at 1 and the home run hit by Mazeroski will play at 3:36 PM.  Lots of the team will be there.  My friend Sue will help interview and point out players for a friend who is filming the occasion. Very exciting, And Happy Birthday to Marianne who was at the game with her Uncle Bobo in 1960.  Learned at the Rick Sebak lecture that no beer was sold inside the ball park at that time. You could buy it outside and bring it in. So not the actual spot of the wall where  the home run went over but a piece of the wall to commemorate the game.(click for details)


When the Pirates Wete Great.....1960
Going to be a crowd here today to listen to the rebroadcast and celebrate.