Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

“This week’s photo challenge is about perspective: post a photo which is not what it seems to be.”

Knight Piece

Chess Piece

Game Pieces

Game Pieces–  by Daniel Martinez, Renee Petropoulis, and Roger White

Public Art in front of Philadelphia Municipal Services Building.

Crop Building Philadelphia

Me and my sister in Philadelphia

Entire Reflection


First Bank of the USThe Actual Building  – The First Bank of the United States.    (where all the trouble began)

People and Windows- Gallery 4

People and windows. 

Taken Friday June 14th._10201585105255982


June 14, 2012 Visual Arts Room


MAura and Murphy in  window 2

Maura and Murphy at Aunt Linda’s



Concorde window

Pittsburgh Firefighter on South Side

Look what I came across tonight.  What a happy couple and now a happy family._1118280523728

Jane and Prem’ Wedding


diner  windowThrough a Diner Window- Queens NYC



fireman in windowPittsburgh Firefighter on the South Side



Breadworks delivery windowBreadworks Delivery and Barry’s Pub– South Side Pittsburgh


laura and James in windowMeeting Laura and James for breakfast at First Watch Worthington Ohio


Anna and Sock MOnkeyAnna finds her surprise sock monkey



Zamboni windowErika and Michael watch the Zamboni groom the ice   Columbus Ohio



shadyside windowShadyside Window by Ellsworth Avenue


watching traffic  windowWatching NYC traffic through a glass window



BLasfome windowMannequins AND real men on Carson Street South Side Pittsburgh



Charlotte wedding

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Bride



Sea Lion Viewing Window

Sea Lion Viewing Window  at the Zoo  Pittsburgh PA




Endangered NJ Diner from the Car Window

Last Thursday I was driving back home to Pittsburgh from New York City.  I was looking for coffee and exited from Interstate 78. Drove a few miles and couldn’t find any and ended up turning around on US Route 22.  I looked over my shoulder and saw the early morning sun hitting the shiny diner.  Did a little research and found a listing on a blog all about Endangered Diners in New Jersey.  If you have a dream of saving a diner, this might be the place for you.  Once you cut through the underbrush and greenery you’ll be able to decide.  Seriously, it is sad to see such ruin and decay.   Breakfast in a decent diner is my dream meal.  Well, one of them.  I like all things DINER.  You can see a close-up photo on the link above or here.

Pyrex Fruit Bowl Levitation in Afternoon Light

When I get home from school I put the kettle on and make a cup of tea. Or a cuppa as some friends say. Unwind.

And I sit at the kitchen table, wait for the water to boil.   I saw the fruit bowl reflected in the diner print.

I am sure it has been there before but today I saw it.

Dan’s Classic All American DINER

Touts a jukebox and seats covered in red vinyl. 1881 South High Street Columbus OH

Urbanspoon gave it a 93 % positive rating.  Check it out here. Next time I visit I will photograph the interior.  Meatloaf and mashed potatoes or breakfast all day.



Places to Get Food-#4 in a Series-Alexandria, PA

Route 22- Alexandria PA-  the info I found on yelp says it is like a time travel experience, going back about 25-30 years when you enter!  I pulled over to the side of the road and photographed it but then wondered if I should be procuring food in this series and write a review?

“Best Breakfast in Town” T-shirt & a Stack of Eggs

DeLuca’s  on Penn Ave in the Strip District.  Varied reviews online and some folks don’t think it worth the wait on a Saturday morning. We did!   I had two eggs over easy and Italian toast to dip, some homefries. Everything arrived hot and tasty.  Best part was conversation over traditional breakfast in an energetic Pittsburghy atmosphere. Walked across the street to Pennsylvania Macaroni Company and then a chocolate covered macaroon from Enrico’s Biscotti. My friend Tess suggested I photograph the stack of eggs and I asked at the register if it would be okay. Then Tess said, “get the back of the shirt, too.”  Good idea. You could spend the day in the Strip with the camera.  Lots to see. Thanks Tess.(and Thom, too!)

Saturday morning diner breakfast. Hectic pace. Good energy. Good food.
How about this stack of eggs?

Ritter’s Diner

Just after arriving from Sleepy Hollow, NY, my cousin Lori, husband Fredi, her college freshman roommate Patricia( who lives here in Pittsburgh), & my friend Steve met at Ritter’s.   Can’t remember the last time I ‘d been in there.  They’re on their way to Cincinnati to see friends. May 19th Lori will be Honorary Bat Girl for the Yankees and throw out the first pitch!(click link) She won the contest. Tonight she  photographed her Peanut Butter pancakes but I forgot to photograph the food. I had two eggs over, wheat toast with butter on the side. Scroll down for gallery.

Taken by Amy our Server
After we ate
Now Hiring